Mm Mm (clearing my throat)
Can I have some English tea and cake whiles I write this one?
Thank you and oh! Get your 4d imagination glasses on
Well… Emiratis are simply the original people of the UAE. I don’t mean the people who were born there (there’s no birthright citizenship here) nor those who have been living there since World War I.

You must be born to an Emirati man and woman to be an Emirati (they try the hardest to keep their breeds pure I think)
All Emiratis are born with golden spoons in their mouths. To a large extent, because of their small population, wealth trickles down to every family.
And before you start saying it’s because they have so much oil, let me confess that I don’t think the wealth of the UAE is entirely because they have oil! Otherwise I know a host of other countries around the globe including my country Ghana (we have tons of other resources too) that have not accomplished a quarter of what Dubai has accomplished…
I think the UAE has just grown a stature founded on a focused vision, plan, discipline and action(that credit is due them)..
Present day Emiratis are just enjoying the fruits of their fathers’ labor ;especially that of the late Sheik Maktoum!
Their leadership has made it possible for them to have a good life or maybe they are just enjoying the Abrahamic blessings…
Only an estimated 30% of people living in Dubai are Emiratis and they enjoy almost everything for free(education, healthcare, porsh villas )and even some free cash.
Things that are considered a luxury to some of us will probably be taken for granted by an Emirati…
Almost every Emirate drives (or has) a heavily tinted SUV(with killer rims) and some other fast cars.
When an Emirati man marries, he is given a villa of his choice with house maids and a cook! When you employ him(he will hardly work out of the government though) you will have to pay him triple the salary you would pay someone of a different nationality.
Before a foreigner can set up a business in Dubai, he has to partner an Emirati and whether or not they are directly involved in a business, you pay them whatever agreed amount at the end of the fiscal year.
Every Emirati is considered royal… he has the personal number of the Sheik and can call him at anytime he has an issue that is if the minister of happiness doesn’t sort it out for him enough!
Atypical Emirati man wears the kandura(some go casual too) but anytime I see them, they look almost immaculate in their snow white Kanduras
Regardless of the black and bland nature of the Abaya, it looks very nice on the pale skins of the Emirati women .

I noticed Emirati women who don’t cover their faces entirely love make up! And you can smell that famous luxury feminine oud on them from a mile away.
OH! They drive now! They are very educated; they can hold ministerial positions and even fly a fighter jet to bomb ISIS.
So yes … they are living the life.
I can’t say all Emiratis are personally happy because happiness is fleeting, and no one can be perfectly happy always.
They will individually have their issues, But I know their government is keen on their well being and comfort and that should be satisfying enough for them!
Would I have loved to be an Emirati? NO (for personal reasons) but just in case you are fantasizing about being one in FUTURE, remember this
In your next life, when your ears pop out from the womb, be sure you hear the next push in Arab , gather the courage to ask if this is the UAE… if not get back into the womb and reroute(that’s how to choose to be Emirati).””””

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