Starbucks Milan: A Welcome to the Most Luxurious Café in the World

What does Italian coffee and American coffee have in common? For one thing, Italians think they make the best coffee in the world and you can’t fault them for thinking this way. The million cups of cappuccino drank around the globe is a symbol of the Italians artistry and mastery with coffee. The Italians dissent of American coffee is factual and the call it “broth”. Starbucks is an American brand that found the world over however it was not surprising that there was not a single Starbucks café in Italy until Sept. 2018. The American brand needed tact and novelty to be able to break into the Italian market.

The opportunity presented itself when Italian Post wanted to sell its iconic building right in the center of Milan close to the Duomo. Should Starbucks open an ordinary café, not only would the Italians have shunned it but it would have offended their very psyche.  Starbucks decided to enter the market big and sure they did. The transformation to the interior of the building is simply mind-blowing. The building has been transformed into the most luxurious Starbucks café in the world!!!  You would often find out that people have queued at the entrance just to enter the café. It’s not just a coffee hub but an attraction in its own right. There are so many reasons to visit this café but let me highlight just a few.

First Starbucks in Italy: as mentioned earlier, it is the first and only Starbucks café in Italy. For a country that prides itself on its food, it is seen as a crime to sell what they consider as less quality. For that matter, Starbucks’ strategy was not to come and teach Italians how to make coffee but rather to create an impression with the Italians mastery over coffee. A visit to this café will demonstrate to you the extent of emphasis on delivering the best of coffee the Italian way.

Coffee Roastery: Upon entering the café there is an imposing machine set right in the center of the big hall which cannot be missed. You will find an attendant by the machine educating clients on how the machine works. It is a coffee roastery and the only one of its kind in the whole of Europe. The coffee is roasted right inside the café and stored in the reservoir. There are overhead pipes that send freshly roasted and brewed coffee straight to the vending stations to be served to clients.

It is a Coffee Museum: at this Starbucks, you don’t just walk in for coffee but can walk out with valuable lessons on the history of coffee as well. You will learn about all the places in the world where the plant is grown. At the roastery, there are guides that give lessons to clients on how the coffee is grown and brought here and how it is roasted to the finest perfection. You will also get the opportunity to buy special coffee from various countries. When you buy coffee you are served with an informative flier that details the particular variety of coffee served and where it is sourced from.

Cocktail Bar: The grandeur of the café is becoming even more colossal when you climb to the upper floor which is a coffee themed cocktail bar. In many places coffee and alcohol do not mix however at Starbucks Milan; they have blended the Italians desire for both into mastery that can keep you enchanted for hours. The very design of the place is meant to keep you spellbound to linger on some more.  The chairs are comfortable and there’s an endless list of coffee and alcohol and as well as an infusion of both should you desire which I bet you won’t regret.

Superior Service: One observable fact you will notice is that all the servers are well-groomed and immaculately dressed. The beards are well-trimmed and the white shirts glow. They are all soft-spoken and eager to answer clients’ requests. The smiles on the faces of the staff are indeed welcoming.  When you have some days on your hand in Milan, do not forget to add Starbucks to it and pass-through for some coffee and education and perhaps a souvenir as well.


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