Dubai or Abu Dhabi? That’s a tough question especially if you are visting the UAE and you are deciding on which of these cities to stay.
I would say it’s dependent on your mission in the UAE (and how bad you want to get)
So I will try to objectively let you in to the qualities of both places and you can make a decision(how about that?)

Of course you are greeted with that beautiful airport which sets the tone for a great vacation …
If its summer, then you will be in shock when you get out of the

airport to that heat(your memory might freeze for a second but don’t panic, it will be air-conditioned back to life soon.)
I guess we all forget Dubai is just a decorated dessert until we are met by that devastating temperature! Thankfully, almost everywhere apart from the streets is air-conditioned, so it’s okay to visit in summer (and it’s cheaper)

Dubai is your ultimate tourist destination with quite relaxed Islamic laws..
Do you want unadulterated fun?  Dubai is your perfect Destination!

The parks will complete an amazing  vacation for you  especially if it’s a family vacation with kids(or you want to feel like a kid again)…
There’s the motion gate with  Hollywood; which  is nice to see and walk through, the roller-coasters, 4D movies, water slides, adventures from animations and lots of fun things  to see.
If you love adventure and thrill, visit the Motiongate and be sure to try out the zombie(your heart will sink)
There is loads of fun also at the Legoland which will leave your kids and the kid in you absolutely thrilled!
And if you are enthused with Indian movies and culture, there is Bollywood .. that’s just right for you!

Dubai is also where you go to if you want to be in awe; the sky scrapers, the burjs and most of the sights to see are in Dubai!

Night life in Dubai is also amazing and totally safe! whether you want to spend the night shopping, cruising ,clubbing or idling; Dubai is got you!


Abu Dhabi is relatively green and calm, it almost makes Dubai look “plastic”.
When entering Abu Dhabi, you are met with this greenery  which is refreshing to see(especially if you have been in Dubai for a while) ,an old town  which is relaxing and beautiful to drive through and then the most beautiful mosque I’ve ever seen!
You will love the calm in Abu Dhabi…

In my perspective, hotels in Abu Dhabi are nicer, though there is not much to see (unless in some seasons when there are events to keep it really busy)

But forget it if you want to be bad in Abu Dhabi; the laws are much stricter here.
The skirts and sleeves are much longer here and there are lots of Emeratis here (they are quite a tourist attraction to me; I enjoy watching them eat. A little birdie told me the Emeratis love it here because of the calm.

But say you are on honeymoon,; then Abu dhabi is your spot( perfect for making lots and lots  of babies )

If your vacation is to relax and recoup, then you can lodge in Abu Dhabi ;where you can reflect and get some good peace.

More like New york and Washington D.C or even Lagos and Abuja(in Nigeria)

Most importantly, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are just 60 minutes apart so if you were me ,you could do a few nights in both places and have the best of both worlds!””””

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