Brilliant!!! Uganda finds Tourism Value for Pot Holed Roads

At a time when many people are incensed about the condition of their road network and demanding government and government agencies to fix their road networks without delay, Uganda seems to have found the solution effortlessly by claiming that potholes are part of the touristic appeal of Uganda. In the shocking comment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs claimed that for visitors from affluent societies, pushing a car from a ditch is a reason to travel to the country.     

In a sharp rebuttal, Boniface Byamukama a game driver claimed that the roads in Kampala are fairly good and motorable however the roads leading the National parks are very very bad and unmotorable and it leaves them with high maintenance cost exceeding $1000 after an average 10day trip. Although Mr. Byamukama did not comment on whether the minister’s statement was sensible or not, he agreed that what the minister said was meant to be light-hearted. You can listen to the conversation as monitored on BBC.                                                  


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