Last week, I heard Adansi travels advertise a tour with Miss Malaika to Dubai.
I heard the price and wondered how many Ghanaians would want to invest 1,790 dollars in a mere tour to Dubai… I guess I had to educate myself!

Apparently, Ghanaians are now more inclined to tourism, because we are beginning to understand the benefits of it. I dug a bit and found out to my surprise that Adansi travels had actually traveled with several hundreds of people within the last  three years…… wow!

Simply put, we are discerning the importance of going on vacations especially outside the country. But why should we take a vacation?
I put a few findings together…


Living in the 21st century is synonymous with living a stressful life. Stress is inevitable in these times because the bills won’t stop coming, pressure from work wont cease anytime soon, meeting family responsibility is ever demanding, the list goes on……. The worst part is that stress wreaks havoc on your emotional equilibrium; it narrows your ability to think clearly, function effectively or even enjoy life.

This is where vacations come in. Getting away from everything by even a week’s vacation according to science will drastically relieve you of that piled up stress.


Are you entertaining the thought of quitting your job, your marriage or anything else? It might be because you’re experiencing a burnout under all that pressure and stress. Taking a vacation gives you the luxury to think things through thoroughly and make a good decision. You can’t make life changing decisions under stress and pressure.


One American wrote that visiting Dubai made his country look worn out. Well.. that’s perfectly true.

In the sense that, until you see how other advanced countries do the same things you do, you might consider yourself the best. Travelling however can drastically shift your paradigm, change your perspectives and refresh your orientation. You get to discover innovative ways of doing the same things you do and be better!


Whether it’s a honeymoon, or you want to rekindle the dying flame of romance in a marriage, taking a vacation can be all you need!

Time away from the house, distractions, chores, kids (preferably) and the change in environment  can be a big boost to any marriage.

You return all loved up and even if you make the trip with your kids, it can be a great family bonding time!


Read up! Research has shown that taking a vacation stirs you up to work harder and it helps with happiness.

After 1500 Dutch adults took a vacation in a research, it was found out that they returned happier, more productive and their happiness was sustained over a long period of time.

I think I should stop here and call Adansi travels. They should fly me with those beautiful damsels (that will be extra therapy) because I think I need a vacation badly!””””

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