Adansi Travels Celebrates 6th Anniversary In Style

The night of July 13, 2019, was special to Adansi Travels staff, management, board, shareholders and its many patrons. It surely was an unforgettable evening as Adansi Travels met with its stakeholders in the most enchanting evening setting.

The chosen events grounds for the 6th-anniversary celebration was an open garden adorned with beautiful trees and flowers. In the middle of the grounds is a beautiful water fountain whose bubbling echoes added to the enchanting appeal of the program. The lighting for the evening was very beautiful and added much to the beautiful ambiance of the program. The event was MCed by Alex Crassie of Written in The Stars fame and was ably supported by our Sales Director who goes by the stage name Serwita.

Patrons were welcomed to the program the warm smiles of Adansi travels staff amid invigorating cultural music and dance performed by the Akwaaba dance troupe. The local bar was opened thereafter as clients were served palm wine, asana, brukutu, pito, sobolo, etc as a precursor of good things to follow. There was a photo shoot where all patrons took memorable pictures with staff and management of Adansi Travels against the well-designed anniversary backdrop.

There would be an anniversary without a story about how we began our journey in 2013 and that was delivered by our Managing Director, Gideon Asare and Reservations Manager Shulammite Asare in a play dance merry go round around the water fountain that left the whole event cracking with laughter. The dinner was opened with drinks being served followed by a tasty buffet dinner amidst serenading classical and contemporary saxophone music from Owura Sax, the saxophonist by heart.

The highlight of the dinner was the Champaign pop time. Every table was served with a Champaign and on the count of the MC, we all popped it together. There were games with many Adansi Travels souvenirs to be won including branded chocolate, T-Shirts, face towels, etc.

This year’s anniversary celebration was special because we opened up the event such that clients who had traveled together on the same tour and wanted to meet and reminisce on their cherished memories could take tables and even sponsor others. It was such a delight to have these tour groups present and the bonding and networking proved that we are much more than a business. We are a big family.

There were many dignitaries in attendance including representation from Emirates, Kenya Airways, Ecobank, KUSI Consult, OML, Primetime, Multimedia, Presec-Legon, etc. The event was so much fun that the over 150 patrons who attended had wanted the night to linger on but it had to come to a close as we look forward to our 7th anniversary next year. How and where would you want the 7th anniversary celebrated? Trust Adansi Travels to do something big and make it a point not to miss it!


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