A trip to Zanzibar by sea – a wonderful experience worth repeating!!!

Many adults can relate to a long-held memory of when they were children when they were about to embark on a journey and yet they couldn’t sleep on the night before the trip. I had thought that these things only happened to children but I have been made to eat my words recently. As I touched down at Dar Es Salaam, all my thought was on my transit journey to Zanzibar. I had been on a boat before but never for that length of a journey.

Dar Es Salaam seaport is in town and close to some important developments in the city centre. You just lift your eyes across the street and the modern mass transit station with their modern fleet often seen busily plying the roads. There are many modern skyscrapers that are springing up like mushrooms which gives a sense of a new rebirth taken place. Once you buy your ticket, you pass through security and wait at the lounge as you are treated to some fine Tanzanian coffee and muffins.

The speed boat was on time and we boarded without delay. There were about 3 classes on the boat to satisfy every pocket and I had bought VIP for $50. The interior seating area was well set up just like the 1st  and business class of a prestigious airline airline with LCD screen for each seat. There was a tasteful selection of current movies, documentary,  songs and games to entertain you through the journey.

As the boat pulled out at Dar Es Salaam into the deep sea one could appreciate better the beauty of the city. I was particularly thrilled because unlike any city on the continent that I have visited I had seen Dar Es Salaam from the air, from land and also from the sea. The journey was one of the most peaceful journeys anyone can wish for; the sea was calm although there was a little down pour. Often we shall meet fishermen fishing either casting their nets or busily rowing their canoes. The birds didn’t leave us lonely as they would fly by our boat and quickly dash into the sea as though to attract our attention to their fishing prowess.

I really felt the magic of this beautiful adventure when I climbed up to the stern of the ship and felt the breeze of the air and the mist of the sea. It was what freedom felt and it’s an experience worth every penny. It is a journey I yearn for each day. I wish to go to Zanzibar again and I would certainly do so by sea from Dar Es Salaam. Until then I urge you to try it.

By Michael B. Dwomoh””””

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