A Night Adventure to The Skybar in Accra-West Africa’s Tallest Bar

The idea of a bar brings to mind various images depending on where one grew up. For many people my age who grew up in suburban Ghana in the ’90s, we can never forget the famous blue kiosk with the ever-popular name V.C 10. These bars are often painted blue for reasons yet to be explained thus its other popular name “The Blue Kiosk”. The very meaning of the name VC10 has evaded disclosure from our honorable ancestors who so named it. In my university days at KNUST, we used to often visit Bantama where many shops and stalls turn bars at night and compete with pedestrians for the limited pavements. The street feel of the people passing has its own aura as you enjoy your kebab and drinks. You may enjoy a beach bar too. I remember driving to Tema through the Beach Road and stopping by … beach to observe many people enjoying the beach. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the sunset is an experience on its own worth repeating several times with family and friends.

However, your preference, there is one bar in Ghana that you ought to experience, It is the highest bar in west Africa, Its located on the 25th floor and the rooftop of the Alto Tower at the Villagio Aqua. In fact, it is the tallest building in West Africa its offers breathtaking views at the city at night. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful Accra is from the sky from this beautiful bar. The street lights and headlights of moving vehicles transform the Tetteh Quashie roundabout and its environs into a spectacle worthy of comparison to New York, Paris, London or any of the megacities in the world.  The ambiance of the bar and the music is one of a kind. Their assorted drinks and cocktail will make for a thoughtful night as you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

 We recommend the Skybar as one of the must-do things in Accra. Whilst you plan to visit, kindly bear in mind that you need to be smartly dressed or else you will be refused entry. You must also book in advance and you must pack loads of cash as good things don’t come cheap. The surety is that no matter how much it costs you, it’s well worth the adventure.

By Michael B. Dwomoh ( Travel Consultant )


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