Sao Tome is gaining popularity amongst Ghanaian travelers and many tour agencies are venturing into providing packaged tours to Sao Tome. The first time I heard about Sao Tome, I wondered where this country could be located. My geography map pointed towards an Island the size of a dot off the Guinea coast. I had since then fantasized about visiting Sao Tome. I had the chance to visit Sao Tome on April 5, 2018, and here’s why I encourage each and everyone to put Sao Tome and Principe on their list.

Map of Sao Tome and Principe

There are many times we wish to go on holiday and relax however we are stressed out more on the leisure tour than even our normal jobs. Sometimes the lengthy flight time can be very stressful not to mention long layover times. Sao Tome doesn’t have both problems. The flight time is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes and it’s a direct flight from Accra. Should we both set off from Accra, I would arrive in Sao Tome before you arrived at Nkawkaw. How less easy can it get? For a stress-free vacation, let’s get going to Sao Tome.

Who wouldn’t want to escape the fast-paced life and stress that comes with city life? Sometimes there’s the urge to just put off your phone and vanish from all that stress. Some bosses have adapted their game at getting in touch with staff even when they are on leave just to pile up work on them. If you have been issued with an official phone then you’re in for real trouble. If you want life to slow down for you then Sao Tome is the place to go. You won’t even spot a single traffic light and the traffic flows smoothly without stopping. At night the city feels as though at peace with nature. If your choice of hotel is a beach hotel, then all you’ll hear is the soothing sound of the waves as they kiss the beach. This kind of feeling ought to be felt rather than told.

Of all the international holiday destinations I’ve sold, Sao Tome is the most affordable. A vacation to Dubai would cost you between $ 1200 to infinity depending on your preference. Nairobi, Zanzibar, Singapore would cost you nothing less than that amount. Should you decide to vacate in Europe or the Americas, you would need to pack up more cash. Sao Tome tour package including flight, visa, 5-star hotel accommodation, and tours would cost you less than a $1000. Yes as less as that!!!. If you doubt my figures, kindly pick a phone and dial Adansi Travel for confirmation and registration. I cannot guarantee that Sao Tome is going to be affordable for that long but my advice is to make hay while the sun shines and let’s go to Sao Tome.

I have not been motivated to swim at the beaches back home in Ghana. I seldom go to the beach for many obvious reasons. You will find your reasons to swim or otherwise when you visit a Ghanaian beach. When I visited Santana Club in Sao Tome, my heart leaped for joy and I decided to swim without hesitation. The sea is so blue in Sao Tome and has a lot of sea shelf thus the waters are shallow and the inexperienced swimmer can enjoy the time of his life. The boat ride to Santana Island was adrenaline-packed and I could easily see the ocean floor. The caves were eerie and the sun’s rays that stock the surface of the blue water was so beautiful. I’ll leave the details for you to find out yourself. If you appreciate water, then Sao Tome is the destination for you to enjoy its pristine allure.

The beautiful thing about Sao Tome is not only about the beautiful beaches but also the green scenery. Our drive to the south of the island astonished me. One vacationer exclaimed that he’d not seen a single dry leave in Sao Tome. That wasn’t an exaggeration!!! The asphalted narrow road that crawled through the lush forests and plantations set awaits beautiful mountain landscape. The scenery can be so indulging as to momentarily blot out all worries from your mind. Often you will come across idyllic settlement with cobbled roads that branches off the main road. The many streams and rivers that you will come across are embedded with beautiful black rocks that the beautiful women of Sao Tome use for washing clothes. Sao Tome is a paradise for nature lovers. When you arrive at the Pico Cao Grande, a beautiful rocky mountain that with its peak high in the skies, bring out your phone and take beautiful selfies because you made it!!!.

By Michael B. Dwomoh

Travel Consultant.


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