5 Life Lessons From Mountain Afadjato

It was one weekend I would not forget in a long long while. I had closed from work and headed to Tema for a long weekend as the following Monday was a holiday. I had arranged to spend the weekend with a friend and I had downloaded loads of movies to laze the weekend away. On reaching, my friend informed we that since he knew I would be coming over, he had written my name and paid for me so we join a group tour to Mountain Afadjato the following day. I reluctantly agreed to go. We woke up at 5 am to join the bus and set off by 5:30 am. The 213km journey took us 5hrs 30mins to arrive at Liate village at the base of the mountain from where we would climb the mountain. There were so many scenes along the journey from Accra to Afadjato that I will write in another article. The climb was fraught with many lessons which I will share some with you.

Preparation is Key
Preparation is very key to every endeavor of life and this fact dawned on me shortly after arriving at the base camp. The tour guide encouraged us to carry water along with on the trail up but here I was ill-prepared without water. We looked around and spotted some women selling sachet water and I grabbed one chilled one. We started to walk towards the mountain to climb and before we could reach the base, my water was finished. The thirst of the climb aside I realized that my boots and attire were not fit for the climb. You will need sports apparel to climb the mountain with comfortable sneakers or trainers. Whilst climbing we met another group from a bank who had come there for staff bonding and they were so prepared that they had come with medical personnel and glucose. Do not be afraid of the climb. Just come prepared!

Same Destination, Different Pace
I had started my climb with the vigor and strength of a young horse however I had not reached the 1st quarter of the mountain before I had lost all steam. I sat down to rest and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself as I saw many of those I had left behind pass me by both young and old. After catching some breath I set off again this time much slower. As slowly as I climbed I overtook some people and at my fastest pace, I was overtaken by others still. It dawned on me that in all endeavors we must not compare ourselves with others. We all have a different pace in life. If you approach Afadjato with this in mind, you will not get disappointed and you’ll definitely reach the top.

There Are Two Voices on The Mountain
It sounds strange but true. You will hear two voices on the mountain. I remember as I sat down tired trying to catch my breath, there were those who had climbed and were descending who would either encourage or demoralize you. They were those who said Its too difficult, you better return because you can’t make it! Hearing it from someone who had presumably made it to the top and is returning, you’re tempted to accept it and give up. They are those who would encourage you with kind words that just try your best, you’ll get there, it’s not far, one step at a time. Depending on which voice you listen to, you will get there or perhaps turn back. My advice? Just keep climbing!

It Will Be Difficult
Whoever said they climb to the top would be easy was economical with the truth unless you’re an athlete in top shape. The journey to the top is difficult. The trail is uneven and the higher you climb, the steeper the slope becomes. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you must drag yourself along. There are times you’ll crawl and get dirty. The most important thing is you keep going no matter what. Let me whisper this into your ears, “Endurance and perseverance is the key”.

The View from The Top Is Beautiful and Worth It
Nothing can compare to the feeling of having accomplished climbing mountain Afadjato. For a moment, you’ll forget about all the pains you went through climbing. You wouldn’t help it but take a beautiful picture to mark your achievement. The breeze at the top is refreshing and relaxing. From the top, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape with its many similarly scenic green mountains and sprawling settlements. Take enough rest when you’re at the top and think about the life lessons you can glean. It’ll be worth every effort and penny you spent.

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Michael B. Dwomoh
Travel Consultant


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